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Dont look at me

Well I jus redid my journal outta boredom of the moment and I get to bored looking at the same thing all the time that’s probably why I want my hair cut so bad anyway I feel like shit and i have no effing idea why ... I jus got this horrible sinking feeling in my stomach I don’t wanna go to skool tomorrow at all maybe i'll skip or jus stay home idk i g2g I Monmouth again after school anyway my mothers gotta go to the doctor for her foot and then she going to this lecture thing to learn how to raise "Adolescent children" wtf w/e she wants i guess lets let strangers tell us how to raise our kids make since to me oh my dads sick he could be really sick like deathly sick i'm totally ablah my mom goes how wood you fell if your dad dyed i was like thanx mom thats good for ya the sad part was i didnt even know ... idk wats wrong w/ me anymore i think im gonna go to bed soon i dont even know that EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!!!
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