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he i over slept again i think its my moms way of punshing me lol i think she lets me over sleep cuz she know i need to be up at 5 A. to call joey and B. i think she jus likes watching me run around all ahaahahahh! and like forget things and shit lol so now i know she wont wake me up i'll make sure to stay up when i wake up the first time anyway i started my book for my english report and i really like it lol i read alot for one night lol ummm i gotta go type up my history notes then i have a project to do plus i gotta finf a note book i have no idea where is so yeah that'll be fun plus i wanna read but i'm really tired or maybe im jus bored idk i was super hyper b4 but i think that was the pepsi lol byez
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